Saudis Continue Strikes Against Yemen

By MarEx 2015-08-19 10:13:49

Yemen’s Red Sea port Hodeidah was attacked by Saudi warplanes on Monday, August 17. The airstrikes targeted the port’s berth number eight, cranes, a World Food Program warehouse, port control building, port authority warehouse and the customs building.

There were no causalities and no workers were reported present at the time of the attack. Hodeidah is a Houthi-controlled aid port which served as the primary entry port for humanitarian aid supplies to North Yemen.

The Houthi militia controls Hodeidah, which is supported by army units loyal to former Yemen president Ali Abdullah Saleh. The militias control the Red Sea coastal plain and the northern highlands.

The Saudi-led coalition accused the Houthi militias of confiscating foreign aid shipments for military purposes. Aid groups say that the militias are responsible to transport relief supplies those in need.

Hodeidah is currently blockaded by Yemen navy and air force and commercial vessels are allowed to call at port.

Amnesty International says that the Saudis have killed about 2,000 civilians in airstrikes against the Houthis since March.


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