Tugboat Capsizes Leaving Two Dead

By MarEx 2015-05-27 11:23:16

Two seaman have died after their tugboat sank off Busan, South Korean Yonhap News Agency reports.

The incident occurred around 12:30pm, May 26 when the 22-ton 97 Samyoung was towing another vessel. The towing cable the 97 Samyoung was using snapped suddenly, hitting the side of the tugboat, causing it to capsize in an area near Dudo Island.

Both men onboard were thrown into the water and rendered unconscious. The 53-year old captain and the other crewman were taken to a local hospital, but were later reported to have died.

Korean authorities have installed oil booms to prevent any possible pollution to the surrounding area. An investigation has also been launched to determine the exact cause of the incident.


Freighter Evacuated Amid Explosion Fears

By Kathryn Stone 2015-05-27 10:13:31

German emergency officials have evacuated the crew and rescue personnel from a North Sea freighter amid mounting concerns of an explosion onboard the vessel.

The 32,722 dwt Purple Beach was carrying fertilizer between the U.K. and Germany on Monday when crew members reported smoke in the ship’s hold. The fire was brought under control, but then reignited on Tuesday forcing the 22 man crew along with emergency personnel to abandon the 192 meter (630 foot) vessel. Authorities have stated that the vessel is still on fire Wednesday and that it is in danger of exploding.

However, in its latest press statement the Central Command for Maritime Emergencies Germany (CCME) has said that efforts to reduce smoke in the area have been successful and that the organization is working with the shipping company to adapt an existing firefighting plan to allow rescue crews back onboard the ship. Additionally, authorities have ordered all other vessels to avoid the 5 km radius surrounding the Purple Beach.

Currently, the freighter is located off the coast of Bremerhaven and residents of the German city have been warned to keep doors and windows locked to avoid harmful fumes. As of today 36 people have been hospitalized for inhaling toxic gas, though no life-threating symptoms have been reported.


Arab Forces Strike Yemen Port

By Reuters 2015-05-27 09:26:26

Arab warplanes and ships bombed Yemen’s largest military port in the Red Sea city of Hodaida on Wednesday, a local official said, in the most serious attack on the country’s navy in over two months of war.

The city and its military bases are aligned with the Iran-allied Houthi militia, Yemen’s dominant force, which a Saudi-led coalition has bombed since March 26 to try to reverse an expansion of Houthi power across the country in recent months.

“The naval base was bombed by aircraft and ships. Large parts of it were destroyed and two warships were hit, and one of them, named Bilqis, was destroyed and sank onto its side, and five gunboats shelled the administrative buildings of the base,” the official told Reuters by telephone from the city.

Residents of the Houthi-controlled capital Sanaa reported air strikes on military camps loyal to the group on Wednesday.

Houthi forces shelled the southern city of Aden, a bastion of resistance against their advances into Yemen’s south, and local fighters built on gains against the Houthis in recent days by seizing their last military post in the nearby city of Dalea.

Sunni Muslim states fear the Shi’ite Houthis are a proxy for the influence of their archrival Iran in the Arabian Peninsula.

Yemen’s exiled government in Saudi Arabia has said the group must recognize its authority and quit Yemen’s main cities before any talks.

The United Nations said on Tuesday U.N.-backed negotiations which were set for May 28 in Geneva had been postponed.

“The secretary-general is disappointed that it has not been possible to commence such an important initiative at the soonest possible date and reiterates his call for all parties to engage in United Nations-facilitated consultations in good faith and without preconditions,” U.N. spokesman Stephane Dujarric said on Tuesday.


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German ship evacuated following fire

A German-owned multipurpose vessel with a cargo of fertiliser had to be evacuated in the North Sea after a fire broke out in one of its holds, according to the German Central Command for Maritime Emergencies.
The 33,772 dwt Purple Beach, which is owned and operated by liner operator MACS on its US