Seafarers' Rights - by permission of Oxford University Press

Edited by Deirdre Fitzpatrick, Solicitor and legal officer, International Transport Workers’ Federation, London, and Michael Anderson, Senior Fellow, British Institute of International and Comparative Law.

  • A detailed analysis of a complex subject: the rights of seafarers in international law as well as in key national laws
  • Written by top academic and practitioner specialists in the field, offering a comprehensive examination of a problematic area of law
  • The first book ever to seriously tackle this subject
  • The 12 national chapters cover the UK, US, Brazil, China, Cyprus, Greece, Liberia, Norway, Panama, Philippines, Russia and South Africa

Seafarers' Rights BookSeafarers’ Rights provides the reader with a systematic analysis of the rights of seafarers in the context of the international shipping industry. It shows how they are made up of a combination of national and international laws, drawn from a number of sources including maritime law, labour law and international human rights law. Dealing with topics are dealt on an international basis, the book is complemented by 12 chapters covering key national regimes of particular importance in terms of shipping.

The book also demonstrates how the seafarer, working in a truly global industry, often falls between the gaps in national and international law. As a result seafarers often have inadequate legal protections. Seafarers’ Rights seeks to document the rights and remedies available to seafarers, highlight problem areas, examine the legal systems of certain seafaring nations and port states and suggest areas that are ripe for legal reform. Countries covered in the national chapters include Brazil, China, Norway, Russia, South Africa, UK and the US.


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“Pushing at the legal boundaries to protect lives and human rights A study of international maritime law is essential reading.”
Dr. Aleka Mandaraka Sheppard


“Suffice to say that human rights of seamen had finally arrived on the maritime legal scene and the book is a first rate academic research on the subject.”
Captain Laszlo Kovats