Legal Database of documents for Seafarers

“The SRI Legal Database is a tangible demonstration of the committment of SRI to provide legal support to the political, industrial, campaigning and lobbying agenda working for the promotion, protection and enforcement of seafarers’ rights. We hope the contents of the Database will raise awareness on issues of seafarers’ laws, rights and remedies generally in the maritime industry and beyond.”
Deirdre Fitzpatrick, Executive Director, SRI

Search the Seafarers' Rights Legal Database

The SRI Legal Database is an innovative resource for those wishing to develop their knowledge in the field of seafarers and the law.

It is a comprehensive collection of materials on seafarers’ rights, including national and international laws, treaties, case law and other legal materials.

Documents on the Database cover topics ranging from legal aid legislation and lawyers’ codes of conducts to international agreements on maritime labour and migrant worker treaties.

Many of the documents on the database link out to other websites and online databases, thus ensuring that users have the most up-to-date versions of documents.

Links include government websites, national databases, databases of international organisations, maritime databases, human rights databases and academic online databases.

The database also contains a special page for seafarers where more practical documents on the database can be easily accessed by them.

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  • An innovative database dedicated exclusively to seafarers’ rights, containing comprehensive national and international level laws, case law and legal materials.
  • Databases which provide links for the latest updates and¬†amendments of materials.
  • Detailed and user-friendly search facility allowing the user to search topic keywords; title; date and/or country.